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  Star Wars Webmaster Resources

Hello fellow webmasters! In Webmaster Resources I've assembled pages with tips, tools, and links to assist you on your quest to create the ultimate Star Wars website.

Making the Ultimate Star Wars Site - A Guide in Ten Steps

Star Wars Webmaster Tools and Links

READ THIS FIRST: A Quick Note About the Articles

June 15, 2004
Updating: Consistency Can Be Key

May 13, 2004
Write shorter paragraphs for the Internet

April 18, 2004

Is it spelled website or Web site?

April 05, 2004
Hotlinking: Hot or Not?

April 04, 2004

Embedded Music

April 02, 2004

Choosing Fonts: Serif vs. Sans Serif

Please Note:

My webmaster advice is just that: advice. In the end you, the reader, have to make the decision whether to take the advice or not. The articles I write here in Webmaster Resources contain my own thoughts and opinions about websites and their design.

My main goal is for you to reflect on my advice, search for the advice of others, and then reach your own conclusions about the subject matter. My advice is not meant to be taken as all encompassing or indisputable information. So you're responsible for what you do with your own website, and I will not be held accountable.

That's all, folks. Move along, move along.

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