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StarWars.com gives FREE ACCESS to dozens official Star Wars videos, interviews, stories, wallpaper, and more.

Behind the Scenes Videos
- Episode I
- Epiosde II
- Episode III
- Episode IV
- Episode I
- Episode II
- Expanded Universe
Music Videos
R2-D2: Beneath the Dome (Mockumentary)
- Episode I
- Episode II
- Episode III

- Movies
- Expanded Universe
Online Comics (Requires Flash)
Photo Galleries
Short Fiction

Craft Projects
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Revenge of the Sith Wallpaper
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Behind the Scenes Videos    
Episode I: The Phantom Menace    
Lynne's Diary (Making of Episode I)    
Introduction   Part 7: Assistant Directors
Part 1: All I Need is an Idea   Part 7a: One Day to Go
Part 1a: Interview Outtakes   Part 8: Three Thousand Anakins
Part 2: Thousands of Things   Part 8a: Casting Director
Part 3: Home Sweet Home   Part 9: It's Like War Now
Part 4: Boys in Paradise   Part 10: Costume Drama
Part 4a: Something out of Nothing   Part 10a: Naboo Soldier
Part 5: This is a Creature Film   Part 11: Bad Droid Karma
Part 6: Prime of the Jedi   Part 12: Movie Music
Part 6a: The Fall    

Episode I Featurettes

Episode II: Attack of the Clones  
Making of Episode II    
Part 1: Here We Go Again   Part 7: Revving It To The Next Level
Part 2: Wedgie 'Em Out   Part 8: A Jigsaw Puzzle
Part 3: We Didn't Go to the Desert to   Part 9: Bucket Head
Get a Suntan   Part 10: Good to G.O.
Part 4: Trying to Do My Thing   Part 11: P-19
Part 5: A Twinkle Beyond Pluto   Part 12: Reel 6
Part 6: It's All Magic    

On Location with Ahmed Best    
Part 1: Production   Part 16: Indoor Downpour
Part 2: The Lowdown with Nick Gillard   Part 17: Say Uncle
Part 3: Creative People Producing   Part 18: Ishi Tib Airhead
Solutions   Part 19: Hangin' with the Riggers
Part 4: The Man Behind C-3P0   Part 20: A Noble Performance
Part 5: The AD Stare   Part 21: Seeing Double
Part 6: A Beautiful Girl   Part 22: Local Talent Claudia Karvan
Part 7: Color Me Star Wars   Part 23: R2-D2's Don
Part 8: George Lucas in Lunch   Part 24: Father Figure
Part 9: In the Money   Part 25: Transforming Caserta
Part 10: Talkin' (Photo) Shop   Part 26: Smile for the Camera
Part 11: Everybody was Jedi Fighting   Part 27: No Place Like Homestead
Part 12: Jedi Beverage Break   Part 28: The Fandom of Seville
Part 13: Ready for my Digital Close-Up   Part 29: Sunshine and Autographs
Part 14: From Now On   Part 30: Wrapping It All Up
Part 15: The Power of Illustration    

Episode III    
Making Episode III Webdocs    
Part 1: Two Worlds, One Movie   Part 10: Pickups & Reshoots
Part 2: ... One World, Two Movies   Part 11: Becoming Obi-Wan
Part 3: We Still Do A Little Bit   Part 12: The Wookiees Are Back!
Part 4: Creating General Grievous   Part 13: Ten Gallons of Buildings
Part 5: This Weapon Is Your Life   Part 14: B-107: The Life of an HD Tape
Part 6: Video Village   Part 15: The Creatures of Episode III
Part 7:Epic Designs for an Expanding   Part 16: Going to the Dark Side
Universe   Part 17: Endlessly Compelling: The
Part 8: Behind the Curtain   Music of Episode III
Part 9: C-3P0: His Moment to Shine   Part 18: Becoming Sidious

Episode IV    
Anatomy of a Dewback    
Part One    
Part Two    
Part Three    
Part Four    
Part Five    

Episode I: The Phantom Menace    
Tone Poems   Episode I VHS Release
Darth Maul: One Truth   One Master, One Apprentice, One
Queen Amidala: One Will   Beginning
Anakin Skywalker: One Dream   One Race, One Adventure, The One to Own
Qui-Gon Jinn: One Destiny   One Boy, One Journey, One Destiny
Shmi Skywalker: One Love    
Jar Jar: One Friend    
Amidala: Only Hope    
Obi-Wan: Stand Alone    

Episode II: Attack of the Clones  
Movie Release    
Anakin Skywalker   Padmé Amidala
Artoo-Detoo   War
Clone Troopers   Jedi
Jango Fett   Anakin's Story
Mace Windu   Padmé's Story
Obi-Wan Kenobi   Forbidden Love

Expanded Universe    
Vector Prime   Star Wars Galaxies: Jump to Lightspeed Trailer
Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter   Knights of the Old Republic II Trailer
Starfighter Preview   Han Solo Joins Forces in Mercenaries
Bounty Hunter Cut Scene   Star Wars Republic Commando Trailer
Bounty Hunter Commercial    
Star Wars Battlefront Trailer    

Music Videos    
Duel of the Fates (Episode I)    
Across the Stars (Episode II)    
A Hero Falls (Episode III)    

R2-D2: Beneath the Dome (Mockumentary)
Television Promo    
Part One    
Part Two    
Part Three    

Episode I: The Phantom Menace    
Episode I Teaser Trailer    
Episode I Trailer    
Episode II: Attack of the Clones  
Breathing (Teaser Trailer)    
Forbidden Love    
Clone War    
Episode III Teaser Trailer    
Episode III Release Trailer    

August 27, 2002    
Natalie Portman: Forbidden Love    
February 20, 2002    
Pernilla August: Mother of the Force    
EXpanded Universe    
May 26, 2004   January 29, 2002
Steven Barnes: The Cestus Deception Q&A   Alan Dean Foster: The Approaching Storm
February 20. 2004   November 13, 2001
Genndy Tartakovsky: Clone Wars Q&A   Troy Denning: Question by Question
February 3, 2004   April 2, 2001
Timothy Zahn: Survivor's Quest Q&A   Greg Keyes: Answers from the Edge
November 4, 2003   January 29, 2001
James Luceno: The Unifying Force   Michael Reaves: Shadow Hunter
May 29, 2003   October 23, 2000
Matthew Stover: Shatterpoint   James Luceno: Agent of Chaos
March 3, 2003    
Troy Denning: Ghost Stories    

Online Comics
Jango Fett: Open Seasons #1
Podracing Tales
Episode I: The Phantom Menace
Crimson Empire #0
Mara Jade #0
Prelude to the Rebellion #0

Photo Galleries
Episode I Snapshots (TPM Images)
Image Attack (AOTC Images)
Episode II George Lucas Selects (AOTC Images)
Art of Revenge (ROTS Images)
Classic Moments (Original Trilogy Images)

Short Fiction
Clone Wars Short Story Collection
Emissary of the Void I: Battle on Bonadon (by Greg Keyes)
Emissary of the Void II: Dark Tidings (by Greg Keyes)
Emissary of the Void III: War on Wayland (by Greg Keyes)

Craft Projects
Printable Star Wars Character Masks
Make Your Own Star Wars Magnets
Cloud City Diorama
Make Your Own TIE Fighter Holiday Ornament

Drawing Tutorials
Learn to Draw Star Wars Characters (Archives)

Official StarWars.com Revenge of the Sith Wallpaper
- Official Star Wars Wallpaper - Clone Trooper
- Official Star Wars Wallpaper - Anakin vs. Obi-Wan
- Official Star Wars Wallpaper - General Grievous
- Official Star Wars Wallpaper - Mace Windu
- Official Star Wars Wallpaper - Rise Lord Vader
- Official Star Wars Wallpaper - Yoda

StarWars.com April Fools Day Prank of 2001
HoloNet News - Official source for news around the galaxy

Links that are no longer active
Official Star Wars E-Cards
Action Figure Backgrounds
Episode I Charity Screening
Super Bombad Racing
Jedi Power Battles
Watch Anakin Grow Up
360-degree tour of Anakin's Hovel in Episode I


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