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Embedded Music


Embedded Music
Avoid using embedded music on your site. It is an unexpected and often unwanted intrusion. What exactly is embedded music? I'm just about to tell you.

Embedded music is music that plays automatically upon a person's arrival to website. In theory, it sounds like a great way to spiff your site up a little. In reality, well...it ain't so great.

Many people find embedded music to be a major turn off. I know when I come across a site with it, I often click out of the site right away. I know many people who share similar sentiments.

I mean, hey. We're all fans here. We all know and love the Main Theme, Imperial March, and Duel of the Fates. But as much as I love John Williams' music, I don't appreciate it blaring (the volume always seems to be turned up too high) upon my entry to a site.

If you feel the absolute need to put embedded music on your site, remember to put an OFF button in plain view. The only thing I dislike more than blaring embedded music, is blaring embedded music that won't stop.

Summing it All Up: The Main Reasons NOT to Use Embedded Music
1. People who have their volume cranked up too high will not be too happy
2. Many people keep their speakers off anyway, and won't hear it
3. Slows down the site's loading time
4. Most sites on the web do not use embedded music
5. It an unexpected and often unwanted intrusion

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