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Star Wars Webmaster Tools and Links

Here's a few helpful links that will simplify the process of building and modifying your Star Wars website.


| General | Website Add-ons | Photos | Photoshop Tutorials | Affiliate Programs | Other |

HTML Cheatsheet (from Webmonkey)
- Lists basic HTML codes.

Web Safe Color Code Chart (from Webmonkey)
- Charts the hexadecimal codes for web safe colors.

Colorizer Tool (from Web Reference)
- Interactive tool that can check to make sure link colors and background color will be compatible. Please note that this tool does NOT list web safe colors.

Commonly Used Internet Terms (from 247 Web Pages)
- Lists and defines commonly used internet terminology.

Special Character Codes (from Webmonkey)
- Lists the codes for obscure characters (e.g. copyright © symbol) and accent marks.

Browser Features Chart (from Webmonkey)
- Charts which browsers (that run on Microsoft Windows) support which features.

Free Link Checker (from IndiaBook.com)
- Eliminate dead end links and increase your site's efficiency with this free link checker.

Website Add-ons
StarWars.com Webmaster Page (from StarWars.com)
- Post automatically updating StarWars.com headlines and links on your site.

Create Free Custom Webpage Graphics (from FlamingText.com)
- Create cool, custom logos, headings, and banners for free.

Download Free Fonts (from 1001FreeFonts.com)
- Offers a large selection of fonts compadible with PC or Mac.

Mouseover Link Effects (works in IE only)
(from Dynamic Drive)
- Generates a variety of link effects according to your criteria.

Bravenet - Web Tools for Webmasters (from Bravenet)
- Spice up your site with GuestBooks, GuestMaps, Polls, Counters and more.

Star Wars Multimedia Archive (from TheForce.net)
- Thousands of images from all the movies and the Expanded Universe.

Grilled-Sarlacc's Spice Mine (from Grilled-Sarlacc.com)
- Hundreds of Episode II pictures all in one place.

Disable Right Mouse Click on Images (from Dynamic Drive)
- Handy script code that prevents surfers from lifting your images.

Photoshop Tutorials
Force Lightning Effect (from the Eisle Reborn)
- Create Force Lightning in Photoshop by following this tutorial.

Glowing Eyes (Thrawn!)

Sith Eyes (from MickM)
- Give a photo of you or someone you know red Sith eyes.

Lightsaber Effect (from the Eisle Reborn)
- Make a cool lightsaber effect in Photoshop with only a few easy steps.

Planet (from TutorialWiz)
- Make your own planet by following this tutorial.

Simple Star Field (from TutorialWiz)
- Need a basic star field and fast? This is the tutorial for you.

Sun (from TutorialWiz)
- Find out how to make a sun.

Affiliate Programs
Amazon.com Affiliate Program
- Amazon is the biggest online book retailer in the world, and they keep hundreds of Star Wars items in stock.

Barnes and Noble Affiliate Program s
Another major bookstore chain that keeps hundreds of Star Wars items in stock.

Commission Junction's Affiliate Program
This website runs the affiliate programs for eBay, Master Replicas, StarWarsShop.com, and other online retailers that carry Star Wars merchandise.

eBay Affiliate Program
- See Commission Junction.

eToys.com Affiliate Program
- One of the heavy weights of the online toy retailers.

Master Replicas Affiliate Program
- See Commission Junction.

StarWarsShop.com Affiliate Program
- See Commission Junction.

The Unofficial Cookie FAQ (from CookieCentral.com)
- Everything you've ever wanted to know about cookies.

10 Big Myths about copyright explained (from Templetons.com)
- Answers to common myths about copyright.

Dictionary (from Dictionary.com)
- It's always a good idea to check your spelling.

Did you find this page helpful? Please let us know by emailing us at contact@starwarsselect.com.

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